In 2013: Leung to rebuild harmony by improving people's livelihood

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     Today is the New Year's Day of 2013.Here we wish readers and all Hong Kong citizens have a happy New Year and good health.

     At this moment of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new one, if citizens are asked about their wishes for the new year, most of their answers surely would be for a better living, less antagonism, no more skyrocketing housing prices and less inflation.

     To live and work in peace and happiness and to reinvigorate Hong Kong are the most humble yet the strongest wish of every Hong Kong citizen.But even such a much self-restraint wish can hardly be satisfied or respected due to the interference of the opposition's evil deeds.Even today they would launch a “Down with Leung Chun-ying” demonstration, to pollute the streets under winter sunshine on the New Year's Day with all kinds of clamour and abusive shouting.Some righteous citizens who detest the opposition's behaviour are also prepared to take to the streets, speaking out their support for the Leung administration's governance in accordance with the law and for solidarity in reconstruction of Hong Kong.

     Hong Kong needs harmony.Hong Kong in the year of 2013 needs harmony even more.A society lack of harmony is impossible to get anything good or big done.The most unforgivable sin the opposition has committed since Hong Kong's return to the Motherland is to have caused damage to the basic harmony of this society.The opposition has used all means - spoofing, cursing and instigating - to have almost completely destroyed the harmonious atmosphere in society, and even cruelly spread the antagonist and inharmonious seeds to the so-called “anti-national education” youths.The day before yesterday, members of Scholarism used a crane to hang a huge slogan in a downtown street: “Down with Leung Chun-ying; Seize back our right to universal suffrage”.When has there ever been any “right to universal suffrage” in Hong Kong?Had there been any election of Hong Kong governor by universal suffrage under the British colonial rule?Has Hong Kong ever lost the right to universal suffrage so that there is a need to “seize it back”?The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress has already given its nod for the SAR to elect by universal suffrage the Chief Executive in 2017 and the Legislative Council (Legco) in 2020.In the middle of this year, the SAR Government will present its universal suffrage proposals to the Legco and for public consultation.Then, any young person who really cares about Hong Kong and has the backbone to be the master of Chinese people's own destiny can speak out his opinion about the elections by universal suffrage.What is there to be “seized back”, and can only be “seized back” by pulling down Leung?This shows how lethally the opposition's evil deeds to damage harmony have poisoned some young people.

     In 2013, in order to turn the tables to regain control, what the Leung administration must do on top priority is to rebuild harmony.Only when it could be succeeded in clearly explaining to various social sectors and industries the government's determination, plan and sincerity to “govern for the people”, in doing some real works to improve the economy and people's livelihood, and in working out a practical and effective plan for universal suffrage, would there be common language and foundation for communication, dialogue and cooperation between the government and citizens, giving no opportunity for the opposition to distortedly interpret people's aspiration for economic development and improving their livelihood into any political claim or popular support for their anti-China and trouble-making activities.Only in this way, could there again be mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual support between citizens and the government, could social harmony be seen again.

     It is not a mission impossible for the Leung administration to rebuild harmony in 2013.Among others, the most favourable condition is that our country continues to prosper and the Central Government continues its support of Hong Kong.This is the very original source of social harmony and all development and progress in Hong Kong.After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the new collective leadership with Xi Jinping as General Secretary has reiterated to adhere to the principle of “one country two systems” and to firmly support the Chief Executive and SAR Government's administration in accordance with the law.Any inharmonious or anti-harmony attempt to pull down Leung Chun-ying or resist against “becoming Red” will prove a failure.

     Apart from the Central Government's support, another powerful “weapon” for Leung Chun-ying to rebuild harmony and “seize back” the initiative in governance is to practically and effectively pursue economic development and improve people's livelihood, including to further consolidate and develop Hong Kong's status as an international financial hub and offshore renminbi (RMB) settlement centre, and to unveil more concrete measures in his first Policy Address to benefit the middle-class and grass-roots, to care for the disadvantaged and to alleviate poverty and care for the elderly.People have discerning eyes .The opposition can only resort to creating political trouble to jeopardise harmony.But the Leung administration will rely on improving the economy and people's livelihood to rebuild harmony.One can easily tell which side is better and will win out. 01 January 2013

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