Opposition's demonstration condemned forcreating disturbance

2013-01-08 04:25  来源:大公报

    On the night of the New Year's Day, some participants in the "anti-Leung Chun-ying" demonstration organised by the opposition violently attacked and broke police cordons to lie down on busy roads, causing serious traffic obstruction for several hours.The police condemned such unlawful action that ignored others' rights and destroyed public order and peace.The public have also become increasingly disgusted by the opposition's sinister, trouble-making deeds.

    As a matter of fact, the demonstration organised by the opposition the day before yesterday had nothing to do with improving the economy and people's livelihood, with helping the government improve its administration, nor even with public interests including universal suffrage.It was but an out-and-out political farce.They could not make any decent appeal, but just repeated again and again the accusations against Leung of "illegal building" and "being a Big Fat Liar ".But in regard to these matters, the Chief Executive himself has repeatedly apologized and explained, and the public has lost their interest to pursue them further.Therefore, the number of participants in the demonstration was just a fraction of the alleged 130,000 as boasted beforehand by the Civil Human Rights Front and Apple Daily, and the procession was just like a portable "big human tape recorder", repeatedly playing the hackneyed tune of "Down with Leung Chun-ying" to bore passers-by.

    At present, Hong Kong society faces various problems concerning people's livelihood.Prices began to hike on the New Year's Day: the two power companies both raised electricity charges; Western Harbour Tunnel and Tai Lam Tunnel increased their fees; people who live from hand to mouth could no longer afford beef.There is also the scare about the invasion of "gutter oil (illicit cooking oil recycled from waste oil)".The increase of Statutory Minimum Wage to $30 per hour and the legislation on Standard Working Hour are on the agenda.But the opposition is neither interested in nor cares to study such issues.Their only interest is to pull down Leung Chun-ying, to oppose the Chief Executive supported and trusted by the Central Government and the Central Government Liaison Office - that's all and nothing else.This demonstration they organized was just for the purpose of raising a political hue and cry, which could impossibly have any positive impact.

    More importantly, a demonstration, even one with a good reason, must be law-abiding and proceed following the rout and rules approved by the police.But during the demonstration the day before yesterday, they not only ignored police's advice and set up booths along the route, but also created a disturbance - after their attempt to storm into the Government House failed - by breaking police cordons to occupy the traffic lanes on Garden Road and Queen's Road Central.A batch of young people wearing Guy Fawkes masks (V-masks) even lied down on the roads, with Legislators "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung and People Power's Albert Chan Wai Yip in command.They were taken away by police later.

    During the period when the trouble-makers occupied the roads, traffic in Central was paralysed.Many citizens were eager to go home after participating in New Year celebrations.They blew horns to express their discontent.A few drivers were so upset that they got off their vehicles to argue with the V-masked demonstrators, questioning them: "You have your freedom to protest.Surely it doesn't mean we have no right to use the roads and go home, does it?"The situation was quite tense.Without the police at the scene to mediate and citizens' self-restraint, a physical scuffle between citizens and trouble-makers would have broken out.

    In fact, anti-China and trouble-making activities carried out by the opposition since the Leung administration took office have become more than ever aggressive, disgusting and serious in nature and form.They no longer just express their dissatisfaction with the government in managing economic, social affairs and people's livelihood, but from the very beginning they already set the political theme of pulling down Leung Chun-ying and demanding the Central Government and the Liaison Office to keep their hands off.Their attempt is to make use of Leung's personal shortcomings as a breach to break the bottom line of "one country two systems" so as to directly question, attack and challenge the Central Government's rights to appoint the Chief Executive and to guide political development in Hong Kong.With this, they attempt to raise the fiercest political storm since Hong Kong's return to the Motherland.

    It is by no means accidental that the sinister behavior of the opposition is opposed by citizens.After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the new-generation central leadership with Xi Jinping as the General Secretary is in high spirits, taking on a new look and acting on what it says.It is also full of confidence, strong in strength and enjoys popular support.Hong Kong people feel gratified and inspired by this.The opposition wants to pull down Leung, to resist again China and make trouble in Hong Kong, going against citizens' aspiration and interests.How is it possible that it would not be condemned?

    03 January 2013

责任编辑: 大公网
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