Words and Usage

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    Out-and-out (adj) ˉ Complete; in every way.(彻头彻尾)

    Examples: 1.That's an out-and-out lie!

    2.They were out-and-out political swindlers.

    Big Gat Liar (noun)──源自美国2002年一部喜剧电影的片


    Hackneyed (adj) - Repeated too often; overfamiliar through


    Examples: 1.Power corrupts and absolute power

    absolutely corrupts. That's the old

    hackneyed phrase, but it's true.

    2.It is a mere hackneyed tune being

    played anew.

    Live (from) hand to mouth (idiom) - To have just enough

    money to live on and nothing extra.(糊口度日,生活拮)

    Examples: 1.My father earned very little and there were four of us kids so we lived from hand to mouth.

    2.After she lost her job she was living from hand to mouth.

    A hue and cry (idiom) ˉ A loud outcry to draw attention.(喧闹,责难)

    Examples:1.If the government raises taxes too much, there surely will be a real hue and cry.

    2.The workers raised a great hue and cry against the new rule.

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