Words and Usage

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    Hand down (phrasal verb) - To announce or deliver a(legal) verdict or indictment.(宣判,公布)

     Examples: 1.After a three-month trial, the jury handed down a guilty verdict.

    2.The judge wasted no time in handing down a sentence of contempt of court.

    Can't help but do sth (idiom) - Unable to avoid or resist doing something.(不得不┅,禁不住┅)

    Examples: 1.I can't help but agree with you there.

    2.Her parents live nearby, so she can't help

    but go there on holidays.

    Queen's Counsel (noun) - 御用大律师(中国大陆译皇室法

    律顾问)是英国皇室的法律顾问。御用大律师不单只在英国,它亦是一种对奉英王为元首的英联邦国家中资深大律师的一种封号。英国皇室每年两次册封英联邦国家的资深大律师御用大律师。香港回归中国之前亦有御用大律师,回归後改称资深大律师 (Senior Counsel)。

    Have the final word (idiom) - To make the final decision about something.(作定论,一槌定音)

     Examples: 1.Who should have the final word on human rights?

    2.Perhaps the poor themselves should have thefinal word.

    Plunge into (phrasal verb) - To suddenly get into a particular state or situation.((突然)陷入)

     Examples: 1.The country is plunging into recession once again.

    2.The city was plunged into chaos as a result of the strike.

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