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    Homogeneity (noun) - The quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature.(同质)

    Examples: 1.The global culture is of homogeneity, simultaneously ofconflict and resistancebetween the East and West.

    2. It's difficult to argue that all thisIvy League homogeneity is abad thing.

    Winter Davos ˉ Davos 即达沃斯是瑞士的一个小城镇。每年年初,“世界经济论坛”(World Economic Forum, WEF)在此举行年会。因此,“世界经济论坛”也常被称为“达沃斯论坛”或“冬季达沃斯”,至今已有40年的历史。

    Liquidity (noun) ˉ 即“流动性”。该词有多种含义和用法。此处指宏观经济层面的货币流动性,即一个国家政府投放入其经济体系中的货币量。美国、欧洲和日本采用“量化宽松”(quantitative easing) 政策,目的就是向其经济体系投放更多的货币,以增加其货币的“流动性”。通俗地说,就是多印钞票。

    Take/bear the brunt of sth (idiom) - To receive the worst part of something unpleasant or harmful, such as an attack.(首当其冲,承受某事的主要压力)

    Examples:1.The oldest parts of the town bore the brunt of the missile attacks.

    2.She had to bear the brunt of the criticisms.

    Join hands (with sb) (idiom) - To unite with other people or groups.(携手,联合)

    Examples:1.Many people are ready to join hands to improve health care around the world.

    2.They promised to join handswith each other in business.

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