The world shares dividend of China's peaceful development

2013-02-08 04:25  来源:大公报

    The Politburo of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held its third group study session on January 28.The subject of study was To Firmly Stick to the Road of Peaceful Development. This provided the first opportunity for the newly-elected General Secretary Xi Jinping, after taking his office, to comprehensively and systematically expound his diplomatic thoughts.In the past, usually academics would be invited to give lectures in such group study sessions.But this time, the guest speakers were three frontline ministers dealing with external relations, which highlighted the pragmatic colour of the study session.

    Peaceful development remains the mainstream in today's world.But hegemonism, power politics and neo-interventionism arise from time to time, turbulence in sensitive regions intensifies from time to time, and "political issues being economized, economic problems politicized, domestic problems internationalized, international problems domesticized" becomes increasingly prominent.All this poses a challenge to China's foreign policy and diplomacy.

    At the Politburo's group study session, Xi Jinping repeatedly stressed on "peaceful development.He pointed out that "China will pursue its development by seeking a peaceful international environment while safeguarding and promoting world peace with its own development", to dialectically expound the relations between domestic and foreign affairs and between development and peace.Only by achieving such benign circulation and benign interaction, can China make its great "Chinese dream" or revitalization come true on the basis of peace, can China truly make its own contribution to Global Governance.

    Baptised by the international financial crisis, China's role as a power engine in the international economy has become even more prominent, making its enormous contribution to world economic recovery.In this regard, what must not be overlooked is that China's firm adherence to the road of peaceful development has enabled other countries to share the "peace dividend" and "development dividend" China has brought to the world at large.China's peaceful development has brought not only economic interests to other countries but also security and stability to the world, helping to prevent conflict and war.But it is undeniable that as China rises, there are indeed some countries becoming full of strategic suspicion of China, worrying that a strong China would seek hegemony.

    Xi Jinping's emphasis on peaceful development shows China's new-generation leaders' sincerity, determination and confidence in pursuit of world peace, putting the minds of other countries at rest and displaying the image of China as a responsible country.This has set the keynote of China's future diplomacy as well as laid the main track for this year's diplomatic work at the beginning of the year.

    It is noteworthy that Xi Jinping explicitly called for "enhancing strategic thinking and strengthening strategic consistency".This idea is very pertinent.With its economic expansion and rising international status, the external environment facing China also becomes unprecedentedly complicated.With the United States' "return to Asia", a strategic suppression is taking shape.Sea power conflicts and territorial disputes bring potential threat to peripheral security.Trade war and currency war against China tend to intensify.In the international arena, "China threat theory" and "China responsibility theory" arise together, and the attempts to "kill China with flattery" and "kill China with a big stick" are made alternatively.

    In face of such challenges, China must strengthen its strategic consistency, not to be scared off by the complicated situation and troubled by the worsening environment.China must neither become arrogant and overweening with its growing strength, nor show the white feather by belittling itself.In particular, China must guard against impetuosity and short-sighted thinking, but remain cool-minded to cope with various risks and challenges within the framework of peaceful development so as to well handle foreign relations clear-headedly and confidently.For China, the crux of the matter is to develop itself and strengthen its own strength, or as Xi Jinping put it, "to consistently consolidate the material and social foundations for the pursuit of the path of peaceful development."To make the country strong is the top priority, which is the fundamental guarantee for peaceful development.

    Therefore, General Secretary Xi Jinping's emphasis on "peaceful development" further improves the super-structural design of China's diplomatic policy.This is not only of great guiding significance in practice but also straighten out the long-term strategic thinking.In the future international order, China will play an increasingly important role.A rising China is bound to bring a profound impact on the international configuration.A China adhering to the ideal of peaceful development will be a responsible constructor in international affairs, and such a China will share the peace dividend with the world at large.The "Chinese dream" does not belong to the Chinese people alone, but will even more benefit peoples all over the world.This should be what is meant by peaceful development. 30 January 2013

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