No feeling-hurting words and deeds

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     The Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong SAR (Liaison Office) yesterday held a Spring Festival reception at the Convention and Exhibition, which was attended by over 1,000 personages from various social sectors.Director of the Liaison Office Zhang Xiaoming delivered a speech at the reception, entitled Strengthening Respect and Trust; Deepening Communication and Cooperation.The content of the speech is not only important but also practical and heartwarming.This is praiseworthy and boosts people's hope on the future work of the Liaison Office.

     As a matter of fact, as the Central Government's liaison institution in Hong Kong, the Liaison Office's role, status and function are beyond the shadow of a doubt .Opposition politician and a couple trouble-making media outlets see opposition to the Liaison Office as the first step in their resistance against China.The story they have cooked upabout “Sai Wan running Hong Kong” exactly shows - from another angle ˉ how important the work of the Liaison Office is.The Liaison Office is a representative of the “one country” and a bridge between the “two systems”.Abiding by the law, the Liaison Office does not intervene in the SAR's internal affairs.But with regard to matters concerning the safeguarding of the “one country”, communication between the “two systems” and compatriots' interests, it should not keep its mouth shut and remain aloof but must be committed and dedicated.As long as what it is to say and do isin keeping with “one country two systems” and relevant stipulations in the Basic Law, there is no reason for it not to say it or do it.

     For example, Director Zhang Xiaoming pointed out some days ago that given what he had learned through contact with various sectors, citizens' evaluation of Leung Chun-ying's administration was far higher than a couple of media outlets said.And he called for citizens to give further support to the government and to give more understanding and tolerance, and reiterated the Central Government's firm support of Leung.These are words that absolutely must and need be said, which give strong support and inspiration to the governance of Leung and his team, to all good citizens who truly hope for Hong Kong's betterment, and to the pro-establishment camp.The opposition camp curses Leung Chun-ying every day.How come Zhang Xiaoming should not or dare not say something in support of Leung?The crux of the problem here lies in whether citizens who support Leung's administration are the majority or minority, whether there are more citizens hoping him to rum Hong Kong well than those who want to drive him out of office.The answer definitely is the former instead of the latter.Citizens are fair and reasonable.No one really believes that the opposition's everyday “smearing” could drive out of office a Chief Executive supported by the Central Government.

     Therefore, what said by Zhang Xiaoming in his speech at yesterday's reception to “strengthen respect and trust” is meant, first of all, to respect and trust “one country two systems”, including to respect and trust the Liaison Office's work in Hong Kong.This is a very important and fundamental issue.Needless to say, respect and trust are two ways.In future, the Liaison Office indeed should, as pointed out by Zhang, improve its method and style of work in Hong Kong, engaging in less socialschmoozingand related activities but going deep into Hong Kong society to make extensive contacts with citizens and listen to their opinions open-mindedly, and try its best to deal with problems complained by Hong Kong citizens and help them when they ask for help.Good effects could surely be expected, if the Liaison Office would follow this direction in its future pursuit.

     Surely, “strengthening respect and trust” also apply to people both on the Mainland and Hong Kong in their increasingly frequent exchanges.A case in hand is problems caused by the influx of Mainland visitors to Hong Kong during the Spring Festival holiday and the issue of “parallel traders”.The arrival of a massive number of Mainland visitors in a short period of time indeed affected the normal life of Hong Kong citizens during the Spring Festival.As a result, many complained. On the other hand, travel agencies in Hong Kong are a motley assortment.Hence there occurred a scandal that many members of a Mainland tour group were forced to spend a night on a tourist bus, who naturally badmouthed.The incident, as Zhang Xiaoming put it, is one of the minor conflicts and frictions that would accidentally happen in frequent exchanges between the two places, which do not represent the mainstream of Mainland-Hong Kong exchanges and cooperation.As long as no exaggeration is made, as long as no feeling-hurting words and deeds are said or done, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

     In this regard, mutual respect is a very important factor.Only with genuine respect for the “one country” and for the differences in social lives, cultures and customs under the “two systems”, will Hong Kong citizens be able to refrain from saying feeling-hurting remarks such as Mainland people coming to Hong Kong to “grab baby formula” or to “push prices higher”, will Mainland visitors be aware of asking about taboos and bans upon arrival in Hong Kong and refrain from doing feeling-hurting things such as letting their children to pee everywhere, which is not in accordance with Hong Kong people's hygiene customs. Only in this way, can exchanges and cooperation between the two places keep deepening and advancing.

     22 February 2013


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