A memorable trip to Singapore

2013-03-04 04:25  来源:大公报

    Kowloon True Light Middle School, 3D, KEUNG SHAU MING, HAYLEY(姜秀明)

    Did you travel around this holiday? For me, I went to the Singapore exchange trip which was held by four different True Light Schools during the Lunar New Year holiday. Since this is my first time visiting Singapore, I had been looking forward to this trip and was very excited about it. During the trip, all students had to use the iPad for doing coursework and searching information, it was awesome. In these days, we had visited museums about Singapore, also Nan Yang Girls' High School and learnt how to use the iPad effectively in the lessons. Moreover, we had visited the housing estate in Singapore and did a project about Marina Bay, the trip was really interesting. The Singapore exchange trip of our schools let me make more new friends from different schools, they were kind and friendly. I enjoyed the trip very much, especially the food of Singapore. I like eating laksa, it was tasty and yummy, honestly speaking I really can't stop eating it.

    From this trip, I learnt how Singapore designed and built the city in an effective and environmentally-friendly way. Singapore and Hong Kong are similar, both cities are fast developing. Both have a lot of people but limited resources and a small area. But why did Singapore do better than Hong Kong? Through funny, interactive and innovative multimedia, we can see how Singapore meets the needs of a fast developing community in an environmentally-friendly manner. To conclude, I think this was a valuable and meaningful trip for us to learn from Singapore. It was the most wonderful trip in my life. I hope my school will hold more exchange programme for us, it was fantastic and brilliant. If you want to travel and learn more new things, Singapore is absolutely the best place for you!

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