Word and Usage

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    At length (idiom)ˉExtensively, in a lengthy manner.(详细地,长篇幅地)

    Examples: 1.She talked at length about the problem.

    2.He spoke to us about his plan at some length. Be on the ┅ side (idiom) ˉ Be slightly too ┅ (有点太┅,偏於┅)

    Examples: 1.It's a little bit on the cold side this morning.

    2.I like to be on the safe side and stay in my hotel room at night. Brook (verb) ˉ Tolerate.(容忍,容许)

    Examples: 1.We will brook no further argument.

    2.I will not brook insults from my students. Have (got) sth in mind (idiom) ˉ To have a plan or intention.(想到,眼)

    Examples: 1.Did you have anything in mind for Sally's birthday present?

    2.He probably had himself in mind when he spoke about the need for new blood. Notch (noun) - A level or degree.(水平,档次)

    Examples: 1.Great work, this report is top notch.

    2.Average earnings moved up another notch as the economy further grew.

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