Current NPC is closest to the people

2013-03-12 04:25:02  来源:大公报

    The first annual session of the 12th National People's Congress (NPC) will solemnly kick off in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing this morning.Hong Kong's major electronic media will make a live forecast.Hong Kong citizens will be able to witness this grand meeting, together with the 36 Hong Kong deputies to the NPC and over 100 Hong Kong members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) sitting inside the hall.

    This year marks the beginning of a new-term NPC and CPPCC, and will also see the reshuffle of the state and government leadership.All important posts such as the state president, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, chairman of the National Committee of CPPCC and premier of the State Council, will be replaced with new figures.The new collective body of the Central Government, together with the newly endorsed party leadership with Xi Jinping as the General Secretary, will be presented to the nation and world after the conclusion of the NPC and CPPCC sessions on March 17.

    Only a short while ago, the main "attraction" of the NPC and CPPCC sessions was simply to observe and see who would abruptly show up and who would not unexpectedly, and even who would walk ahead of whom┅ For, a change of the lineuprepresented a power transition, indicating who would be in charge of state affairs in China. But forthis plus those boring lengthy speeches, what else there were in the two sessions that would attract the masses and even Hong Kong people?

    But things are totally different today.At this year's two sessions, surely people will continue to observe the big figures: Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng┅ But people are also more eager to see, hear and know about how the new-term government will further carry out decisions made by the party's 18th National Congress and solve difficulties and problems facing the nation on its road of development and progress, and whether it could give them hope and confidence.

    Compared with the past when people would watch figures, read "reports" and watch the scene of bustle, today when Chinese people observe the two sessions, they eye on their efficiency, policy making and quality, and naturally actions after the two sessions.In the past, the NPC session was a "meeting of representatives".Today the NPC session is worthy of the name as a "meeting representatives of the people".The distance between "the people" and NPC has never been so close as today.People believe and hope the NPC can solve practical problems.The NPC must truly represent people's interests in order to pass its test five years later.

    It can be expected that at the ongoing two sessions there will still be some empty talks or boasts, which however have smaller room and market.Not to mention others, before the two sessions, hazy weather had remained for a long time in Beijing, seriously threatening people's health and safety.Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have identified three "major culprits": car exhaust gases, industrial waste gases and waste gases discharge by oil refineries.Deputies at the two sessions naturally will raise questions and proposals, to which government officials concerned must give their answers on spot or afterwards.Talks about haze , environment protection and pollution must be based on facts, evidences and figures.There is little room for empty political talks.

    Amid the atmosphere of this year's two sessions of dealing with practical matter with a new work style, the 36 Hong Kong deputies to the NPC give people a fresh, vigorous impression.The "newest" Hong Kong NPC deputies ought to be former Secretary for Security Ambrose Lee Siu-kwong, former police commissioner Tang King Shing and Chairman of Hong Kong Hospital Authority Anthony Ting-yuk Wu.These are well known figures in Hong Kong society, who all will show up inside the Great Hall of the People today.From serving Hong Kong society to contributing to the nation surely is a big progress and upgrade.They used to handle practical matters in a down-to-earth manner, speaking their minds and dealing with problems in a straightforward way, and dare to take up responsibility.They could bring such work style into full play at the two sessions, particularly to help improve crackdown on corruption, building of a clean government and law enforcement to maintain stability.They surely will play a good role in this regard.Needless to say, there are also veteran NPC deputies including those from business and commercial, professional and education sectors, who will continue to offer their advices on how to improve the implementation of "one country two systems".

    Congratulations on the convention of the two sessions and wish them a complete success. 05 March 2013

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