Yu reminds Hong Kong CPPCC members to speak out (Part I)

2013-03-15 04:25:01  来源:大公报

    Yu Zhengsheng, a member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and executive chairman of the presidium of the first annual session of the 12th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), yesterday participated in the group discussion panel of CPPCC members from Hong Kong, and delivered a speech.This was a very timely, important and inspiring speech.

    Before he was promoted as a member of the CPC's Politburo Standing Committee, Yu Zhengsheng had been working for a long time in Shanghai municipality and Hubei province.Many of Hong Kong CPPCC members belong to the "Shanghai gang", who have known or been very familiar with Yu Zhengsheng for quite a long time.Family members of Yu Zhengsheng's father generation and grandfather generation were quite influential in political, diplomatic and academic fields.As such he has wide personal connections across the Pacific Ocean and Taiwan Strait.And there is now no suspense that Yu Zhengsheng will succeed Jia Qinglin as CPPCC chairman after the conclusion of the two annual sessions of the National People's Congress (NPC) and CPPCC.

    Therefore, Yu Zhengsheng is a central leader who will oversee the country's democratic political consultation and united front work.As such, Hong Kong society should especially pay close attention to his speech at yesterday's discussion panel of Hong Kong deputies to the CPPCC.But this is not only because the speech was delivered by a high-ranking official but also because the speech itself is very clear-cut, detailed in content, and very sonorous and forceful.

    Anyone who really wants to have a clear understanding of the current political and social situation in Hong Kong - such as whether Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has the full support of the Central Government, whether there is a unity problem with the nation- and Hong Kong-loving forces or the pro-establishment camp, and how to react in future on seeing some people arrogantly display the British-Hong Kong dragon-and-lion flag during a demonstration... - will gain a more clear and accurate understanding after reading Yu Zhengsheng's speech.

    In his speech, Yu Zhengsheng placed a five-point hope on the Hong Kong CPPCC members.The first was to adhere to "one country two systems"; the second to support the Chief Executive's governance in accordance with the law; the third to safeguard the overall interests and strengthen unity; the fourth to speak out against unhealthy tendencies and evil influences in society; the fifth to actively engage in national affairs.

    Two views Yu Zhengsheng put forth in his speech were worthy of special attention, of which his explosion was also very brilliant.For one thing, on the SAR Government's governance, Yu Zhengsheng pointed out that a unique feature of the SAR was that there was no ruling party.Unlike on the Mainland where there was the communist party whose "establishments are everywhere, from the Central Government down to the grass-roots"; but in Hong Kong there were patriotic organisations and parties and they should get united to support the administration of the Chief Executive and the SAR Government.

    This is a core problem in Hong Kong since its return to the Motherland in 1997.How come it is so difficult for the Chief Executive to run his administration after 1997? Because there is no ruling party in the SAR, hence the government has no votes in the Legislative Council (Legco).However, as Yu Zhengsheng said, although there is no ruling party in Hong Kong, there are so many nation- and Hong Kong-loving political parties, organisations, trade unions and individuals.Why cannot they become well united to play the ruling party's role in support of the administration of the SAR Government?

    (to be continued)

    07 March 2013

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