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    Sonorous (adj.) - Having a sound that is deep, loud, and pleasant; impressive in style of speech.(洪亮的,感人的,铿锵)

    Examples: 1.This poem is both majestic and sonorous.

    2.He has a deep, sonorous voice.

    Suspense (noun)-the feeling of excitement ornervousness which you have whenyou are waiting for something to happen and are uncertain about what it is going to be.(悬念)

    Examples:1.There is a gradual build-up of suspensethroughout the film, until it comes to an unexpected ending.

    2.She kept him in suspense for several days before she said that she would marry him.

    Adhere to sth (phrasal verb) - To continue to obey a rule or have a belief.(坚持,遵守)

    Examples:1.She adhered to her principles/idealsthroughout her life.

    2.The translator has obviously adhered very strictly to the original text.

    Speak out (phrasal verb) - To say frankly and directly; to speak one's mind.(挺身而出,大胆直言)

    Examples:1.This law is wrong, and I intend to speakout on it until it is repealed.

    2.You must speak out. People need toknow what you think.

    Put sth forth (phrasal verb) - To offer something forconsideration or discussion.(提出,发表)

    Examples:1.We can put forth some guidelines for what you should write about in your essay.

    2.We tried to put something forth that's really sincere.

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