China's socialist road becomes evenbroader and brighter with Xi Jinping taking

2013-03-26 04:25:01  来源:大公报

    Naturally, certain anti-China and anti-communist elements in the West and a handful of opposition politicians in Hong Kong would just think otherwise, attacking the NPC as “pseudo democracy” and “pseudo elections”.But if genuine elections or genuine democracy were only meant, as they say, to have a “dual-party system” or “multi-party system” with vested interest groups behind engaging in a “life or death” struggle, to waste a great deal of public funds on television debates and to have “one person one vote”, then, sorry, the Chinese people won’t buy it and refuse to be misled.For, even ordinary Chinese people all know that only in a harmonious and stable social environment with a strong collective central leadership, can the economy be developed, people’s livelihood be improved and the country make progress.Looking aroundthe world today, while “The globe is to share together the same warmth and cold, ” it is now full of power struggles, coups and incessant violence and killings.How many countries are there in the world today in which power transition could take place so peacefully and even happily?Stability does not fall down from a tree.How is it possible for the Chinese people, having weathered many storms , to let such a hard-earned excellent situation as today be easily ruined?

    Therefore, at this historical moment witnessed by people all over the country, thanks must be given to Hu Jintao, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, Jia Qinglin and others who have completed their term of office.They are above boardand selfless.They did not regard powers as their own and were unwilling to leave their official posts.Instead, they retired after having made their marks , which showed their lofty political morality and set a good example for later generations.Power belongs to the people.They have made themselves an example for later generations to follow.Justice lies at the heart of the people.And people will never forget them.

    It can be anticipated that as Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Li Yuanchao and others successively take their new offices after the conclusion of the “two annual sessions” of the NPC and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), new atmosphere and situation will be created for state affairs and the government's administration.Certainly, China’s politics including major policy principles won’t change because of personnel reshuffle.Nevertheless, different styles in administration and personal characters would exert an influence.

    Xi Jinping is the first state president who was born after the new China was founded in 1949.He and other new party and state leaders have similar growing-up experiences, including having the long-time experiences in working at localities and in the power centre and having good educational background and wide external contacts.Exactly because of this, compared with previous party and state leaders, they grasp the spirit of the age more tightly, have broader international vision and are more open-minded in style.But what is even more worthy of attention is that their determination to adhere to and uphold the banner of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is no less but even more strong than their predecessors.It is their broad international knowledge and vision and their experiences in practice that lead them to more firmly believe that China must insist on taking its own path and must absolutely not wholesale import the Western system.But such insistence is not meant to cling stubbornly to one’s own view, let alone to stand still and refuse to make progress.Instead, it means some things must be done while some others must not be pursued.All of what they insist on and what they are to reform is aimed at one goal, that is, to make the nation stronger and people happier!

    Hong Kong people generally feel satisfied and happy with the new party and state leaders.And at the same time they also place on them greater trust and expectation.Hong Kong benefits even more from our country's prosperity ˉ that’s the absolute truth.


     15 March 2013

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