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    Look around (phrasal verb)ˉ To turn you head in different

    directions so that you can see something or see what there is.(环顾,四下察看)

    Examples: 1.Pay attention to traffic safety; slow down, look

    around and then go ahead.

    2.I'm going to look around and see what I can find.

    The globe is to share together the same warmth and cold - “环球同此凉热”,意思是世界趋於大同,出自毛泽东1935年10月所写的词《念奴娇.昆仑》∶“横空出世,莽昆仑,阅尽人间春色。飞起玉龙三百万,搅得周天寒彻。夏日消溶,江河横溢,人或为鱼鳖。千秋功罪,谁人曾与评说? 而今我谓昆仑∶不要这高,不要这多雪。安得倚天抽宝剑,把汝裁为三截?一截遗欧,一截赠美,一截还东国。太平世界,环球同此凉热。”

    Weather the storm (of sth)(idiom) - To experience and

    survive difficulties.(历经风霜,渡过难关)

    Examples: 1.There will be difficulties to face on the way to being

    successful. You can weather the storms!

    2.If she can just weather the storm of that contract violation, she'll be fine.

    Above board (idiom)ˉ Completely honest and legal; without

    concealment or deceit.(光明磊落,直率)

    Examples: 1.Their actions are open and above board.

    2.I've always been straight and above board with you.

    Make one's mark (idiom)- To attain success or fame; achieve

    one's ambition.(成功,出名,功成名就)

    Examples: 1.Shakespeare made his mark as a playwright.

     2.He sets out to make his mark as a writer.

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