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    Hold sth over (phrasal verb) - To do something or deal with something at a later time or date.(推迟,拖延)

    Examples: 1.One session was held over until this evening.

    2.They intend to hold the article over for the next edition. Hold sb/sth back (phrasal verb) -To stop someone or something from moving forwards.(阻挡,妨碍)

    Examples:1.Sally had to hold Tom back to prevent him retaliating.

    2.Her hair was held back by two clips. Have it/things your one's (own) way (idiom)ˉTo get, believe or do what you want, usually in spite of the wishes and feelings of others.(按你的方式去做,得逞)

    Examples:1.All right, have it your own way ˉ I'm tired of arguing.

    2.It takes two to make an agreement. You cannot have things all your own way. Slip away (phrasal verb) - To leave secretly and quietly.((悄悄)溜走)

    Examples:1.The Moon's weak gravity let the gasses slip away into space.

    2.We managed to slip away early. For the benefit of (idiom) - For the advantage of.(为┅的利益,有利於┅)

    Examples:1.The teacher repeated part of his previous lecture for the benefit of those who had been absent.

    2.He told the story for the benefit of the children.

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