Words and Usage

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    Partake (verb) - To be involved in an activity.(参与,分担)

    Examples: 1.He won't partake in the victory celebration.

    2.Retailers who partake in the campaign shouldplace a sticker in their window.

    Junta (noun) - A group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power.((尤指通过政变上台的)军政府)

    Examples: 1.The typical military dictatorship in Latin America was ruled by a junta (derived from a Spanish word which can be translated as "conference" or "board"), or a committee composed of several military officers.

    2.The military junta has broadcast an appeal for calm.

    "A herd of sheep" - “一群羊”,意指福克兰岛,因为牧羊和羊毛出口是当地经济的支柱。英国的福克兰岛旗上的盾徽(coat of arms)就以一苹绵羊为标。

    Soften up (phrasal verb) ˉ To become or make soft.(软化,变软)

    Examples: 1.His strategy was to soften them up withcompliments.

    2.The material has begun to soften up.

    Pave the way for sth (idiom) - To be a preparation which will make it possible for something to happen in the future.(为┅铺平道路,为┅做好准备)

    Examples: 1.Scientists hope that data from this expedition will pave the way for a more detailed exploration of Mars.

    2.They' re trying to blast away the hill to pave the way for the new highway.

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