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      Soar up (phrasal verb) - rise rapidly.((急速)升高,上涨)

      Examples: 1.The US dollar is soaring up against the Japanese


      2.The balloon soared up on a gust of wind.

      Not taste beef for three months – 借引自中国典故“三月不


      Turn up (phrasal verb) – To appear or happen, especially  unexpectedly.(出现,产生)

        Examples: 1.You'll get another job: something is bound to

     turn up soon.

      2.We turned up in Mr. Mitchell's class when he had  a sub last week.

      Windfall (noun) - A sudden, unexpected piece of good fortune or personal gain (like a ripened fruit that has been blown down by the wind).(意外的收穫,横财)

      Examples: 1.They received a windfall because of the tax cuts.

      2.The money that my great-uncle left us was certainly a windfall.

    Water afar off quencheth not fire (proverb)–远水难救近火,

    类似的英谚还有:Water after does not quench a fire at hand; Water after quench not fire等。中英文中有不少谚语惊人地相似,不知是互相借鑑而来,还是由于“心有灵犀一点通”而各自形成的。据悉,此中文谚语最早出自明.西湖渔隐主人《欢喜冤家》第九回:“只是远水难救近火,可惜这间兴处店面没有货卖。”

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