Sham benevolence and righteousness to ignore disaster victim by cursing corrupt

2013-04-30 04:25:01  来源:大公报

      The Legislative Council (Legco) yesterday considered a government proposal to make a $100 million donation to the Sichuan earthquake relief effort.  Nagging on and on about some isolated cases in the past, the opposition lawmakers kept making revisions.  As a result, the meeting ended without a vote after lasting two hours.

      The opposition lawmakers' constant obstruction to the SAR Government's administration in accordance with the law is nothing new.   However, it is really astonishing and unacceptable that they have gone so far as to block a government's proposal for disaster-relief fund allocation.  Opposition's obstruction at every turn has already caused damages to the government's administration and citizens' interests.  Right now, the consideration of the Budget for the new fiscal year is being obstructed by "filibustering" activity, and as such civil servants may not be able to receive their salaries and citizens their welfares.  Nevertheless, in face of such a severe natural disaster as a 7-magnitude earthquake, in face of the pains suffered by our own compatriots who have lost their homes and are short of clothing and food, the opposition lawmakers could still went ahead to block fund allocation out of their political purposes, and even mocked and ridiculed and spit out curses, trying to lump disaster relief and corruption together.  Their negligence of their duties as lawmakers and their merciless mentality are really disgusting and outrageous.

      In obstructing the fund allocation, the opposition lawmakers seemed to argue with reason but in fact they took a part for the whole and distorted facts.  It is true that the Zijing (Bauhinia) High School in Mianyang built on donation by the SAR Government in the aftermath of the Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 was later torn down.  But the SAR Government has recovered the $2 million donation, and relevant authorities in Sichuan province have already admitted that was not a proper move.  And more importantly, the over $20 billion donated by the SAR Government and Hong Kong society after the Wenchuan Earthquake has mostly been spent on building schools, hospital, roads and panda rescue centres.  The donation has played its role in helping disaster relief.  This time, most school buildings in Ya'an were damaged but did not collapse, showing they were not jerry-built. And these schools were re-built after the Wenchuan Earthquake, benefiting from outside assistance including from Hong Kong.

      Therefore, although there are such ugly cases like Mianyang's Zijing High School, but "one flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade."  And one must not fail to see the wood for the trees, and must not deny the necessity and importance of making donations to help disaster relief by dwelling on a couple of defective cases.  As a matter of fact, in face of devastating natural disasters in recent years, the strong capability in organisation and mobilisation shown by the Chinese government and the spirits of self-rescue, great love and selflessness shown by Chinese, have been highly praised by the international community.  In a time when many foreigners are extending their sympathies and cares on their own initiatives, the opposition lawmakers with the same blood from Emperors Yan and Huang are sitting in the Chamber to spout on about corruption and oppose relief fund allocation.  Who on earth are they targeting at, corrupt officials or the unfortunate compatriots and innocent disaster-affected people?  Anti-corruption is a long-term task, while collapsed houses and died people are right before our eyes.  Is it genuine fairness and justice or sham benevolence and righteousness to stress on anti-corruption while laying aside tens of thousands of disaster victims as unworthy of attention?  Are they really in the right and self-confident or simply with ulterior motives?  

      Right now, Hong Kong society is facing another serious challenge and test over whether or not to donate and whether or not to help disaster relief.

      These days, trouble-making Apple Daily has dispatched several commentaries bluffing about "China-HK relationship falling into its low ebb" and "Hong Kong people's anti-communist sentiments reaching a high peak", saying that Hong Kong people are "unenthusiastic" to donate because Hong Kong people are disgusted by rich and arrogant individual travelers from the Mainland flooding into Hong Kong to grab baby formula and gold and squeeze Hong Kong people's living space, and so on.

      A natural disaster is merciless and an earthquake is frightening.  But such instigating words motivated by a desire to see Hong Kong in chaos and to see the death of humanity are even more malicious and more frightening.  It is true that Hong Kong people's dissatisfaction with Mainland individual travelers has increased in recent years.  But such dissatisfaction is mainly with some particular arrangements and supplies, nothing to do with hate or hostility toward our own compatriots.  On the contrary, Hong Kong people feel happy with our country's economic development and improvement of Chinese people's living standards.   The new central leadership headed by Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang endorsed at the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has further boosted Hong Kong people's confidence in the future of our country.

      In face of the compatriots hit by the 7-magnitude Lushan Earthquake, warm-hearted Hong Kong people who are always happy to help others absolutely won't refuse to donate and remain indifferent.  The hell with those who are making use of the disaster to oppose China.

     25 April 2013

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