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      At every turn (idiom) - If something unpleasant happens at every turn, it happens everywhere and every time you try to do something.(时时处处,动辄)

      Examples: 1.There is a new problem at every turn.  She found her plans frustrated at every turn.

    Spit sth out (phrasal verb) - To say something scornfully.(说出,倾吐)  

      Examples: 1.Finally he decided to spit out what was really on his mind.

      2.He spit out the curse from between his teeth.

      Lump A and B together (phrasal verb)– To put or consider two or more people or things together in the same group.(混为一谈,归併在一起)

      Examples:1.Policemen, bankers and butchers are all lumped together in the service sector.

      2. The media tends to lump all these political groups together.

    Jerry-built(adj.)-Built quickly and badly using cheap materials. (偷工减料建成的,草率建造的,“豆腐渣”工程)

      Examples: 1.The urgent need for housing has meant that jerry-built apartments have sprung up all over the city.

      2.That jerry-built cabin will be blown apart in a  strong wind.

      Spout on/off (about sth) (phrasal verb)–To talk about something in a boring or annoying way.(喋喋不休地说,唠唠叨叨,高谈阔论)  

        Examples:1.Waht are you spouting on about now?

      2.I really don't want to listen to Tom spouting  off all afternoon.

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