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  Stop short of sth/doing sth (idiom) - Not go so far as to do or say something; decide not to do something.(止步不做某事)

  Examples:1.He may embroider the truth but he stops short of actually lying.

  2.I stopped short of telling him what I really felt about him.  

  Fallacy of composition - 合成谬误,是一种认知错误,认为对个体成立的情形,对于群组或整个系统也同样成立,亦即犯了“以偏概全”的错误。

  Specious (adj.) - Having a false look of truth or genuineness.(似是而非的,名不副实的)

  Examples:  1.This is a specious argument that really does not stand up under close examination.

  2.He justified his actions with specious reasoning.

  By hook or by crook (idiom) - By whatever means necessary - be they fair or foul.(不择手段,千方百计)

    Examples:  1.I decided that I was going to get that job by hook or by crook.

  2.We've managed, by hook or by crook, to stop them.

  The die is cast (idiom) - An irrevocable choice has been


  Examples: 1.After that speech favoring reform of the education system, the die is cast. This is now a campaign issue. 2.From the moment the negotiations failed, the die was cast and war was inevitable.

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