Words and Usage

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  Put sth forward (phrasal verb) - To offer an idea, suggestion, proposal, etc. for consideration.(提出)

  Examples:1.He's still working on the report and plans to put it forward as soon as he finishes it.

  2.None of the ideas I put forward at the meeting have been accepted.

  Get/have a head start (idiom) - To have an advantage in any competition, endeavor, etc., to start before the others.(领先,抢先起步)

  Examples:  1.Bigger companies have a head start on us.

  2.The teacher gave the class a head start on the exercise by telling them how to do the first two problems.

  Have an itch to do sth (idiom) - To want to do something very much and as soon as possible.(迫不及待要做某事)

  Examples:  1.Tom has an itch to go swimming.

  2.She had an itch to hear the results.

  Lay bare sth (idiom) - To reveal something that has never been known before.(揭露,昭然若揭)

  Examples: 1.In his book, he lay bare the foulness of man.

  2.It's been promoted as the biography that lays bare the truth behind the legend.

  Let the cat out of the bag (idiom) – To make know a secret, usually unintentionally.(泄露天机,露出马脚,不打自招)

  Examples:  1.Nobody knew she had been offered the job until her husband let the cat out of the bag.

  2.I wanted mother's present to be a secret, but my sister let the cat out of the bag.

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